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The Outdoors Plus Lucky draw free give away event 1st round winner

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Hi everyone,

We have 5 winners of our 1st. lucky draw event Congratulation to you 4 Winners !

The drawing event where live broadcast on our Facebook fan page, please don't laugh at us we never done any sort of live thing before this event, leave your comments or suggestions we can make our next live more interesting. Please Click like for supporting us.

The Outdoors Plus, Palm Star Winner # 86500001 Kozy
The Outdoors Plus, MBK Bike Light Winner # 86500017 Selis
Niwalker MiniMax # 86500020 Serp
Olight Raw Copper # 86500013 Abras
Olight S1 Black # 86500046 This winner never post lucky draw number on the forum
that means this number is disqualify we’ll draw another winner soon.

All winners please contact us ASAP to claim your gift, we need to confirm shipping address with you please mail to

For those of you who didn’t win this time PLEASE KEEP YOUR NUMBER, you can still have chance to win your prizes on 2nd round.

Again we are new brand we need all your kind support by sharing us and like our Facebook fan page we truly appreciate all your support.

The Outdoors Plus 

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