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The Outdoors Plus, PalmStar Quad Cree XPG2 LED Max 1300 Lumens

  • $4899

Palmstar is a mini portable USB rechargeable flashlight with 4xXPG2 LED installed. The maximum output is 1300 lumen. The beam distance is 282 meters. Intelligen circuit to prevent possible damage from overhearting also for safety purposes. Side switch for easy operation and change modes quickly. PalmStar is your perfect EDC in all kinds of outdoor environment and convenient to recharge.

The maximum output: 1300lumens
Material: Magnesium aluminum 6061
Switch: Side switch
Finishing: Type III Hard anodizing
Beam distance: 282meters
Liminous intensity: 20000lux
Shock proof: 1.5meters
Water resistant: IPX-8 
Size: 108mm*24.5mm*33mm
Weight: 115g (without battery)


Technical specifications
Light output / runtime
Mode 1 : 40 lumens / 14hrs
Mode 2 : 100 lumens / 6.3hrs
Mode 3 : 500 lumens / 95min
Mode 4 : 830 lumens / 78min
Mode 5 : 1300 lumens / 75min
User Interface
Turn the light  ON/OFF by the side switch. Once you release the switch, the light comes on constant mode.  
When the light is on, single click the switch within one second to cycle  through all the modes, mode memory remembers the last mode used.  
When in stand by(light off), press-hold the switch for momentary max output.  
When in stand by, double click the switch for instant strobe.
Double click from on to access the hidden modes.
Double click for SOS. another double click-for beacon mode Single click the switch gets you back to off.  Note there is no mode memory for hidden modes
Lock-out mode is accessed by twisting the light body.
Mode 5 (max output) steps down to mode 4 when thermal protection kick in to prevent over heating.
Unscrew the light body then insert the Micro USB cable into the charging hole and connected to the power supply equipment, the indicator turns red while charging. Charging time is about 4.5 hours, the indicator will turn green when charging is complete. 

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